Who owns Dankalk?

DLG (Danish agricultural goods company) is the largest Danish agricultural company.

DLG and OMYA share ownership

DLG (Danish agricultural goods company) is the largest Danish feed and goods company and has a country wide network of stores.

DLG is a cooperative owned and run by its members.

DLG has per june 1 2008 entered a partnership with the family owned group OMYA. The partnership pertains Dankalk K/S where the ownership is split 56% to DLG and 44% to OMYA.

OMYA is among the largest producers of calcium carbonate.

OMYA primarily supply their products to plastic, rubber, paint and paper production. The company is based in Oftringen Switzerland and has departments in 50 countries. OMYA employs more than 8.300 employees worldwide.

DLG chose to invest in Dankalk to increase the internal knowledge within the field of agricultural lime and they saw OMYA as an important partner in this regard.

The main objective of DLG is to supply danish farmers with feed, seeds, fertilizer, lime and plant protection while also accepting agricultural goods after harvest.

DLG is thus one of Denmarks largest exporters of barley for malting, seeds, feed, grain for bread production, rapeseed and pees for feed.

DLG have their own production facilities where seeds and feed is produced. This includes feed for pigs, cattle, poultry and horses.

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