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dankalk is the leading supplier of limestone products for wastewater treatment.

For centuries limestone has been known to have high pH naturalisation ability and dankalk has refined this ability beneficial to the water environment.

In May 1985 the Danish government adopted the Water Environment Protection Scheme and dankalk was the first company to import iron sulphate specifically for wastewater treatment. Specialization within this field has led to continous product development and has kept dankalk as the leading producer and supplier of limestone to municipal wastewater plants all over Denmark.​
​Burned limestone and hydrated calcium provide ideal conditions for optimal treatment. By combining iron sulphate the phosphates precipitate preventing the development of harmful algae in streams, lakes and bays.

Limestone creates new life in acid lakes

The great purity and dissolving power of the Aggersund limestone makes it ideal for rehabilitation of the environment in acid lakes and streams. The need for such rehabilitation is growing and in Norway a number of projects have been carries out spreading limestone powder over lakes by the use of helicopters. Because of the high reactivity of the Danish limestone, only one third is used compared to the Norwegian limestone.


Orla U Jensen, productmanager

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