We make it a point of honour to give good advice to our customers about our products.

dankalk’s products can be used for many purposes and within many industries. It is therefore important that we provide thoughrough information on each product.
At dankalk we continuously train our employees in giving the best possible advice and information to our customers about the specific areas in which our products can be used.​

dankalk’s information team​

dankalk’s sales people are at your service providing detailed information on each of our products.
You are welcome to contact one of our advisors listed below or simply call +45 98 67 31 55

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Jens Søndergaard
Occupation:​ Manager​
Direct: +45 33 68 74 00
: +45 21 29 84 14
: Aggersund
Departments: Directors, Management, Sales & Marketing
Thesis: Feedstuffs Crude Goods, Agriculture

Jens is dankalk K / S ‘Executive Director.
Professionally, Jens trained agricultural technician and has a broad knowledge of the agricultural sector.

He is among other prime mover for new sales of agricultural lime.

Orla Jensen
Location: Aggersund
Departments: Sales & Marketing
Direct: +45 33 68 74 00
Mobile: +45 40 11 12 84
Thesis: Industry, Sewage Treatment Plants

Professionally Orla extensive experience in chemistry and wastewater, as he more than 20 years has been dealing with.
At dankalk K / S works Orla especially with Praestol® polymer precipitation chemicals and lime, as in many areas have a growing impact on the environment within sewage and industrial.

Orla has extensive knowledge of chemistry and wastewater, and guide customers include the following processes:

  • Dewatering and sedimentation of polymer and liquid manure separation
  • Felling Chemicals for chemical phosphorus precipitation and coagulation of industrial wastewater
  • Svovbrintebekæmpelse with the product Nutriox® nitrate and iron compounds
  • Coating control – particularly Struvite and calcium deposits
  • foaming
  • Alkalinitetsforbedring and slamhygiejisering with lime products

Poul Licht
Location: Omya Malmø
Direct: +46 40 20 67 37

Mobile: +45 40 38 91 95

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