The lime quarry in Mjels is situated in Himmerland about 12 km south of Aalborg. The calcium carbonate extracted from Mjels has a very fine and pure quality that is good for spreading.

The lime works in Mjels extracts about 30 ha. Of limestone which is used in the production of:

agricultural lime
magnesium lime
lawn & garden lime

Mjels also produces special lime products such as lime for the production of mushrooms and dolomite lime – an imported lime product with a high concentration of magnesium.

Monday to Thursday from 7 A.M to 4 P.M and
Friday to 1: P.M.

Telefon: Thomas Jensen​ + 45 20 45 07 25​

But Service is an integral part of our company policy here in Aggersund, which is why we are always ready to supply also outside opening hours. This includes Sundays and holidays after arrangement.

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