Limestone quarries

At dankalk we supply our customers with up to 600,000 tonnes of calcium carbonate products annually. When it comes to the European market, dankalk primarily delivers calcium products to customers within the industrial sector, CHPs (combined heat and power plants) and agriculture. These customers enjoy the high standard of our products and our unequalled service. Our European export amounts to 15% of our annual turnover with Germany, Poland, Sweden and Latvia as the primary markets.

​Besides the quarry in Aggersund, dankalk has three quarries in Mjels, (near Aalborg), Poulstrup (near Aalborg) and Batum (near Skive) – all in Denmark.
The lime quarry in Aggersund covers an area of about 300 ha. The quarries in Mjels, Poulstrup and Batum cover about 100 ha. Together.​

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