dankalk and agriculture: a perfect match​

Many years ago the farmers began marling the fields in order to reduce the degree of acidity and utilize the natural nutrients in the soil by spreading calcareous clay.

Today the situation has changed. Increased knowledge of crop growth factors as well as new types of crop and intensive farming have led to changed demands in calcium fertilizing.

Due to dankalk’s long tradition supplying Danish farmers, dankalk is an expert in producing limestone products with high reactivity levels thanks to research, changed calcium strategies and new production methods.​

Special products

dankalk offers a wide range of special products within agricultural limestone, not only for agriculture but also for golf courses and gardens. The Danish quality, when it comes to both limestone and production methods, is well known and dankalk sees an increasing export of which high reactive agricultural limestone is an example. Regular liming is necessary to secure a good harvest. The crop and the leaching constantly drain the soil of calcium. The result is falling reactivity levels leading to poor crop growing and poor outcome.

The chalk used in agricultural limestone comes from dankalk’s own quarries through our port in Aggersund we import dolomite lime which is refined into magnesium lime.

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