Who ownes dankalk?


The partnership regards Danish dankalk which is now owned by DLG (56 %) and Omya (44 %).

DLG is a cooperative sociaty and is owned and directed by its members which today counts more than 22,000 Danish farmers.

The main task for DLG is to supply Danish farmers with feed, cereal seed, fertilizers, agricultural lime and crop protection. In return DLG buys the harvested crop from the farmers. DLG is also one of Denmark’s largest exporters of feed, brewing barley, bread cereal, rapeseed and feed peas.
DLG has its own feed factories producing cereal seed and feed for farm animals such as cattle, poultry, horses, sheep and swine. Through a number of subsidiaries and affiliated companies DLG is furthermore involved in activities related to farm supply.

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Omya, among the world’s largest producers of calcium carbonate, supplies the plastics, rubber, paint and paper industries. The Group is headquartered in Oftringen, Switzerland, and has branches in more than 50 countries and more than 6.000 employees.

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