Granulated lime, Feed grade lime, Slaked lime

Where do we get our lime and chalk?

Layers of lime have been formed by billions of microscopic lime-rich shells from organisms called coccoliths. Coccoliths lived in the ocean millions of years ago and when they died the fell to the ocean floor where they decomposed and left nothing but their outer shell. Layer upon layer of these organisms compiled to form great deposits of lime.

Later sea floor deposits and the mighty movements of the ice age glaciers has compressed the lime layers and pushed it to the surface in dense belts.

One of these belts run through Denmark from the north western Jutland to the south eastern Zealand. The deposit that is mined by the Inlet of northern Jutland is a relatively young lime at around 60 million years. This means that the lime is less compressed and more easily dissolved than older lime types.

Dankalk has quarried on the site near Løgstør for more than 100 years. A quarry in Mjels have been added over the years.

Each year we supply over 600.000 tons of lime and chalk products for agriculture, industry and environmental processes both domestically and internationally.

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