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For more than 100 years dankalk has extracted high quality calcium carbonate from the Chalk quarry in Aggersund, Danmark.

The company was at first a privately owned limeworks, but after a few years it was sold to DAG (Danish Cooperative Fertilizer Association). In 1965 DAG founded Dagri A/S, which later changed its name to dankalk A/S, and since 1997 the company’s name has been dankalk. dankalk was until 1st. June 2008 100% owned by DLG (Danish Cooperative farm Supply).
As of 1 June, DLG has established a partnership with the family-owned Omya Group. The partnership regards Danish dankalk which is now owned by DLG (56 %) and Omya (44 %).
DLG has chosen this strategy to raise the level of chalk knowledge in the North Jutland subsidiary to safeguard dankalk a continued positive development.
“The new Omya alliance will enable DLG to strengthen the level of chalk knowledge both professionally and in terms of marketing, as chalk is a resource with a vast range of application areas – not just farming. This will give dankalk an even better platform for future activities, including research and development

Besides the quarry in Aggersund, dankalk also has quarries in Mjels and Batum – all in Denmark. We annually supply our customers with more than 500,000 tonnes of calcium carbonate products, primarily for use within agriculture and industry.

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