Calcium carbonate has been mined in Aggersund for more than 100 years. In the beginning the lime works was privately owned, but in 1948 it was taken over by DAG. In 1965 DAG founded Dagri A/S, which later changed its name to dankalk A/S, and since 1997 the company’s name has been dankalk.
Today dankalk is owned by DLG (Danish Cooperative farm Supply) and OMYA.
dankalk Aggersund is situated in beautiful surroundings overlooking the Limfjord.

Opening hours

Monday – Thursday: 07.15 am to  03.15 pm
Friday: 07.15 am to 01.15 pm

But Service is an integral part of our company policy here in Aggersund, which is why we are always ready to supply also outside opening hours. This includes Sundays and holidays after arrangement.


dankalk Aggersund
Aggersundvej 50
9670 Løgstør
Tlf. +45 3368 7400
Fax +45 3368 8990

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Whether you would like to request a nonbinding offer or just have a question, we are always ready to help!