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Lime and chalk products
as well as functional chemistry and professional sparring

We have been quarrying lime in Denmark for over 100 years

Dankalk has been working with industry to develop chalk-based products since the 1960s. This means that today we can offer a wide range of specialty products with a high degree of refinement. We supply lime to agriculture, manufacturing companies and incineration plants in Denmark and abroad. Dankalk’s product range also includes chemicals and auxiliaries for the environmental sector. We supply chalk, hydrated lime, lime filler, activated charcoal, Nutriox and more. In addition, we can also help with various polymers and coating inhibitors for wastewater treatment plants and biogas production.

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Supplier of lime and activated carbon

Dankalk is also an activated carbon supplier. Activated carbon is used for wastewater polishing, biogas and flue gases. Wastewater from wastewater treatment plants, industrial companies and biogas plants is often filtered with activated carbon to remove persistent components (e.g. organic micropollutants). It can also be used for filtering biogas or flue gases from incineration plants and industries in general, where the purpose is to clean the gas of small amounts of critical substances (e.g. hydrogen sulphide).

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