dankalk k/s Vi leverer årligt over 600.000 tons kridt- og kalkprodukter Til både landbrug, industri og miljø både i ind og udland.​ Kontakt os Læs mere
Supplier of Lime and Chalk

Feed Grade Lime, Slaked Lime, Lime for Soil Improvement, Filler Products, Polymers, Metal Precipitants, Nutriox, Scale Inhibitors, Defoamers.

The Dankalk quarry has been active for more than 100 years

Since the 1960’s Dankalk has cooperated with industry to develop lime and chalk based products. That is why today we can offer a wide range of specialty products with a high degree of refinement. We supply lime products for agricultural uses such as feed and soil improvement as well as waste incineration plants and production facilities – domestically and internationally. Dankalk’s product range also include chemical aids and polymers for industry, waste water treatment and environmental processes in general.

We will assist you with:

  • Feed Grade Lime
  • Slaked Lime
  • Agricultural Lime
  • Environmental Lime
  • Activated Carbon
  • Betocarb
  • Lime fillers for asphalt and concrete
  • Adsorption materials for flu gas cleaning
  • Garden Lime
  • Biogas production aids
  • Hydrogen Sulphate Control
  • Polymers – Praestol, Zetag, Magnafloc, and more
  • Metal Precipitants (e.g. Iron Chloride and PAC)
  • Nutriox

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Contact us through the formula below or call on our main number +45 33 68 74 00.

Supplier of Activated Carbon

Dankalk is also a supplier of activated carbon. Activated carbon is typically utilized for polishing of waste water streams, biogas and flu gasses. Waste water from community treatment plants, incineration plants and industrial companies is often filtered through activated carbon to remove compounds that are typically hard to degrade (e.g. organic micro pollutants). Activated carbon also find uses in the treatment of pre-grid biogas, incineration flu gasses or industry gas/hazardous air. Here the purpose will often be to remove small or trace amounts of critical components such as hydrogen sulphide.

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