​CHP combined heat and power plants​

dankalk has developed a range of environmentally friendly limestone sorbents for flue gas treatment in CHPs.

One of our newest products is Crumbles. Crumbles is mined from the underground and is very efficient reducing the use of the sorbent (chalk) and thereby reducing costs.

The use of Crumbles at Enstedværket, Stigsnæsværket and Karlhamnsværket in Sweden has in all three cases led to remarkable energy savings and a limited emission of CO2.​
​Several tests have proven that Crumbles is highly reactive and has up to 5% higher desulphurisation potential than traditional limestone products which also gives a better quality of the by-product, calcium sulphite, which can be converted to gypsum, a saleable by-product. Compared to other limestone products on the market, Crumbles has proven to be more efficient and provide better environmental protection.


  • Burnt lime​
  • Crumbles​
  • danchalk®​​
  • ​Calcium hydroxide​
  • Mineral Chalk F-12


Jens Søndergaard, manager
Orla U Jensen, productmanager

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